Progressively Worse


Progressively Worse: The burden of bad ideas in British schools

By Robert Peal

Published by Civitas on April 23rd, 2014. Available to order on Amazon here, or to download for free as a PDF here.

Progressively Worse is a historical overview of how progressive education became a dominant orthodoxy within Britain’s school system.

As the title betrays, my verdict on five decades of progressive educational initiatives in British schools is not positive. The book concludes that if any significant improvement is to take place in British schools, we must first move away from the damaging doctrine of progressive education.

‘Progressively Worse is the best education book I have read in a long while. Agree with him or not, it is brilliantly written.’  Professor Alan Smithers, Director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research, The University of Buckingham

‘A fine, detailed, persuasive work of scholarship.‘  Professor E. D. Hirsch Jr, chairman and founder, Core Knowledge Foundation

‘I challenge anyone not to burn with anger reading Robert Peal’s damning [and] brilliant history of progressive education.‘ Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Commons Education Committee

‘Explains how our school system has got to where it is. He points out the nonsense of seeing the promotion of progressive education as ‘left-wing’ and support for traditional education as ‘right-wing’. Most telling of all, however, is his exposition of lost opportunity – his book deserves very serious attention.’ Chris McGovern, Campaign for Real Education

You can buy a copy of Progressively Worse on amazon here.