See below a selection of articles that I have written on teaching and education policy since 2012.


  • Chaotic Legacy of the Classroom Radicals (March 2012)
  • Child-Centered Learning Has Let My Pupils Down (June 2012)
  • The Chaos Wrought By Progressive Education (October 2012)
  • History Lessons for the 21st-Century Classroom (January/February 2013)
  • At Last: Gove Goes For the Culture of Excuses (April 2013)
  • The Blob Has Run Schools For Decades. Not Any More (October 2013)
  • Islington: Children as Guinea Pigs of the Left (May 2014)


  • History’s an adventure – don’t cut it short (January 2015)
  • Cultural ignorance is an Achilles’ heel (May, 2015)
  • Don’t confuse nationalism with our nation’s history (September 2016)

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