New Year, New Blog

I have been on an education blogging hiatus since July 2014. My new year’s resolution is to re-enter the fray.

When I first started blogging, it took only a few seconds to mentally add up the number of teacher bloggers writing in support of knowledge-based curriculum and teacher-led instruction. I would spend whole evenings reading through the archives of Old Andrew’s blog ‘Scenes from the Battleground’, desperately thinking that he cannot be the only voice out there speaking sense.

What a difference a  few years can make. Today, I have given up trying to keep track of all of the like-minded teacher bloggers out there. As Joe Kirby’s stirring round up of the education blogosphere in 2016 testifies, the landscape is looking pretty vibrant.

But increased volume is not the only heartening change taking place with regards to traditionalist teacher bloggers. Three years ago, blogs written by traditionalist teachers tended to be of the ‘everything is rubbish’ variety. Today, they are increasingly of the ‘this is how we can improve teaching’ variety.

My first blog – written under the pseudonym Matthew Hunter – was firmly situated in the ‘everything is rubbish’ camp. There remains significant value in teacher bloggers lifting the lid on the madness that goes on in many schools. But whilst exposing problems is a vital step, my intention for this blog is to focus on solutions.

It is not enough to say child-centred teaching doesn’t work: we need to explain how knowledge-based teaching does. For that reason, I will use this blog to share resources and teaching practices from my history classroom, as well as ideas about teaching and education policy more broadly. I hope you enjoy reading it.


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